Regarding our pharmaceutical services we make a mayor investment in complying with the USP 795 and 797 regulations and to do this, we offer:
  • Secure, limited access to IP storage and preparation area
  • DicksonOne temperature and humidity monitoring 24/7
  • Class 2B, safety cabinet located in a fully equipped Clean room according to standards
  • Refrigerators: 2°to 8°C
  • Freezers: -70°C and -20° C
  • Analytical Balances
  • Retention sample area with limited access and
    temperature/humidity control system
  • Full time pharmacist and a pharmacist’s assistance
  • Extensive experience in the preparation of IV, IM, SQ, Oral,
    Topical, Transdermal and Sublingual formulations

At Floridian Clinical Research, you can trust, that you will find the maximum quality and level of compliance facility that you have ever experience. And with this investments we have managed to bridge research and patient care for a spotless health service.


By choosing to participate in a Floridian Clinical Research study you are making a
contribution to the advancement of medicine and science and making a potential impact on
the quality of life for millions of people.

Please contact us at:
14791 Oak Lane
Miami Lakes, FL 33016
Tel:(305) 330-9977
Email:[email protected]